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$5000 prize pool - The Chosen One Tournament teaser!

Posted by Hyun - 2 weeks ago

The Chosen One Tournament 2024 - $5000 prize pool

Hello Newgrounds! I'm back with the Dojo Community to announce our community's very first ranked animation tournament to determine who is the best of the best in the Dojo to claim the epic title of the Chosen One!

An epic teaser video:

🔸JOIN THE DISCORD and go to the "DOJO RANKS" section to submit your portfolio and qualify (You must be ranked Shinobi or higher to qualify for the tournament) - https://discord.gg/hyunsdojo

🔸 $5000 starting prize pool

🔸 Industry level judges: Weilin Zhang, Howard Wimshurst, Telepurte, Miccool, Juny

🔸 Only one round / one animation to submit

🔸 Top 7 will win the prize pool money & other prizes to be announced

🔸 Official prompt, rules, and announcement to be revealed on December 1st

🔺Special thanks to Telepurte, Alan Becker, and Vograce for sponsoring this years prize pool!

How to get your rank and qualify for the tournament

Watch this short video on how to get your rank using our innovative Dojo Ranking System on discord!:

Join the discord here -> https://discord.gg/hyunsdojo

If you have any questions about the tournament feel free to comment below, but until then look forward to more announcements about the Chosen One Tournament and the official starting announcement on December 1st!




Holy shit this is for me
edit: nvm i just remembered i have no self confidence
edit 2: self confidence restored, i am more powerful than ever before


Hello, i'm a writer. I joined the discord, so if anyone wants to talk to me, I am donglemcsnonngle

I don't have a rank in the dojo. Oops.


@BingoWaders You don't need "self confidence" to make some dope AF animations! Either you can get some good practice out of this, or you go home with some cash! Sounds like a win-win to me.

Well how hard could it be for a person like me that have beating slughterhouse and bloodbath with 1 att?

@BingoWaders you can do it! I believe in youuuuu!

Good luck to participants

this looks insane, cant wait to see the submissions

Sex 2 is real!!!!!!!1111

Damn! My old demo reel from February placed me at Ronin. And you say the contest needs me to be Shinobi or higher? I kinda feel like the minimum should be at Ninja

I'd join (If I knew how to animate stickmens)

@SignMyPetition You don’t have to be a stickman animator to join. All animators are welcome!

@SillySallyMan nice!

Will the server's ranking/portfolio system be updated to accept Newgrounds posts?

uh uh nuh